Founder and owner of Umm Qarn

HH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Thani

Since setting up Umm Qarn in the early 1990's, HH Sheikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Al Thani's aim has always been to breed and race Arabians to win in Qatar and all over the world, so purchased some of the finest bloodlines of both racehorses and broodmares. From the likes of Amer, Djelmila, Djebbel, Makzan, Sambist and Samsheik, the foundations of the Umm Qarn homebred racing success was born. Many of Umm Qarn's successful racehorses have since retired to stud to produce another generation of winning horses for the track in Qatar and worldwide.

Umm Qarn is now venturing into Thoroughbred racing in Qatar and has recently purchased Thoroughbred breeding stock and racehorses in Europe.

Trainer - Manager

Alban de Mieulle

Alban de Mieulle has been working as a trainer for Umm Qarn since 1997 and also manages the farm in Qatar.

He has trained some of Umm Qarn's best horses such as Nizam, Dahess, Al Dahma, Al Anood, Majd Al Arab, General and Al Tair both in Middle East and Europe. He is currently ranked in the top 10 of Arabian Racing trainers worldwide and has been the top ranked trainer in Qatar for many seasons. He trains both Arabian and thoroughbreds at Umm Qarn's farm in Doha.


Eric Ventrou, Assistent-Trainer

Eric started work for Umm Qarn as a work rider in 1999 and after a 4 year spell of working in Dubai returned to work as Assistant trainer in 2004. He spends 6 months working in Doha and the rest of the time with Umm Qarn's best racehorses racing in Europe.

Farooq Ali Khan, Assistent-Trainer

Farooq joined Umm Qarn in 1996 as a Work Rider and also participated in Endurance races during 2005-06. From 2007 onwards he has been working as Assistant Trainer. In charge of the racing stable, he has thorough knowledge of horses especially concerning the handling of young horses.

Olivier Peslier, Jockey

Since October 2014, Olivier Peslier is the new stable jockey by Umm Qarn.

Gaetan Faucon, Jockey

Gaetan Faucon joined the Umm Qarn team since the season 2014/2015.

Jean Baptiste Hamel, Jockey

New in our team is Jean Baptiste Hamel.

Kushal Singh, Stable Supervisor

Kushal joined Umm Qarn in 1989 as a Groom. He is now one of our senior staff still working at the farm. He is very hard working and reliable and has 'hands on' experience in breeding and racing. He was promoted as Stable Supervisor in 2006.

Horse Management

Dr Murugan Ganesan, Veterinarian

The new vet Murugan Ganesan joined with Umm Qarn since August 2016.

Habib Khan, Mare and foal Supervisor

Habib started work at Umm Qarn in 1997 and is responsible for looking after the mares and foals at the farm in Qatar.

Office and Administration

Patricia Musial, Administration

Patricia has joined Umm Qarn in 2012 after working for Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club.

Firshad, Administration

Firshad has worked for Umm Qarn since 2007. He is responsible for general and breeding contract administration at the farm office in Qatar.

Thorsten, Marketing and Web

Thorsten joined Umm Qarn in 2014 after working for Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club. He works hand in hand with Patricia to our marketing.

Outside Qatar - Breeding

Gael Marrionneau, Breeding Manager

Haras du Grand Courgeon, France »

Florence Marrionneau, Stud Secretary

Haras du Grand Courgeon, France »

Frederic Boulay, Stud Assistant

Haras du Grand Courgeon, France »

Outside Qatar - Racing

Freddy Head, Trainer (Chantilly, France)

Trainer of some of Umm Qarn's Thoroughbreds based in Europe.

Yan Durepaire, Trainer (La Teste, France)

Trainer of some of Umm Qarn's Thoroughbreds based in Europe.

Henri Alex Pantall, Trainer (Beaupreau, France)

Trainer of some of Umm Qarn's Thoroughbreds based in Europe.

Francois Rohaut, Trainer (Pau, France)

Trainer of some of Umm Qarn's Thoroughbreds based in Europe.